Children's Stories MI & TwoThis story is about a day in the life of an English bulldog named Two. Two likes to go for his morning car ride to the park where he plays with his friends. He enjoys sun bathing, smelling the flowers in his garden and going to the market with his best friend Mi. Two likes to play with the children of the neighborhood but they tire him out. Two enjoys sitting at his window and watch the birds fly; at times he even falls asleep at the window. Two likes to play with his two best friends Misty & Max, the squirrels. At bed time Two likes Mi to read his favorite bedtime story, he never gets tired of it. The book "Mi & Two" has now been published, click here for more information and to find out how to order it. Slideshow of Mi and Two book


The Lake

 This story is about friendship and how we as humans at times may take friends for granted. A boy always went to the lake when he had problems without knowing that the lake would understand and caress his feet with its' cool water and always gave the boy peace. As the boy grew he paid less attention to the lake. The boy grows to be a man, moves away and doesn't return to his home town until later in life. He goes to visit the lake because he recalls how good he always felt when he went to the lake. He is hurt and saddened because where the lake use to be a fountain with one cool stream is flowing.


The Secret Dam

 This is a story about the ecology. An architect is going to build a shopping mall without knowing that under the ground is a beaver colony. One night Beverly the beaver visits the architect's son and tells him that their homes will be destroyed if the construction goes on. The beaver wants to show the boy their home but the boy can't breath under water so Beverly gives him a magic pill and the adventure begins. The Incredible Henry


 The Incredible Henry

Henry is a baby Hippo who is very curious. Henry floats away on a giant Lilypad and ends up on the island of Chantal. The island is inhabited by little animal like people and the ruler is Zzia the Queen bee. Henry's reason for landing on Chantal is that a big storm is headed their way and Henry saves the island when all the inhabitants hide under him until the storm passes. Henry and Zzia have a beautiful friendship.


The Grain of Sand

 This story is about a talking grain of sand called "TIPPY". Tippy gets lost in a storm and washes on a beach and a seven year old girl Melanie finds him. They befriend one another and she helps him find his way home. Melanie is the only one that can talk and see Tippy because if anyone else sees him, he turns into a normal grain of sand. The story is about friendship and says that no matter who or what we are friendship is important.


The Boy with the Golden Tooth

 A couple in the Swiss Alps Oskie and Ceci can't have any children and one night Oskie's only tooth, which is golden falls out. He is sadden because that tooth made him unique in the village. Oskie places the tooth on his night table and when morning comes a child named Alby was sleeping on the night stand. Alby is smaller than all the children in the village but is strong and does wonderful things for all.


1) Ruler of the Heavens


1) The House of Clowns


1) Las Amigas del Portal (in Spanish)

Movie Treatments

1) Forever Friends

Pilot & First Episode

1) Need a Push (Adult situation)

Executive Producer

1) Actively Speaking (Radio Show)


1) Romeo and Juliet Alive in New York

2) Another Statistic

3) The Other Spouse


1) Backstairs at City Hall

2) The Widows of Manhattan

3) Havana on Sunset

4) Miami Grill

Reality Shows

1) Glamour at Sea: Make-over show with no plastic surgery

filmed aboard Celebrity Cruise ship as the ship

sails to different ports of call.


2) Second Act: Provide a venue for people 50 years

and up to sing. American Idol format.


3) Virtuoso: An American television talent contest to discover

young musical prodigies that are presently attending

some of the finest universities in the country.

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