Manny Soto wrote his first children’s book at the age of twelve, that began his passion  for writing.  He is a well  recognized professional in marketing, event planning and public relations.

As owner of an International Public Relations Firm he was responsible for the special events for Governmental figures, celebrities and Royalty.

He has written numerous screenplays, sitcoms and he wrote, produced and directed a documentary called A NEW DAWN.

In the interview from EVENTOS MAGAZINE he explains what the Cubans that arrived during the sixties and early seventies went through to provide a prosperous life for their families.

A New Dawn Trailer

This documentary depicts the lives of Cubans departing and arriving into the United States as they escaped from the Castro Communist Regime in the early and late sixties and seventies. These stories you’re about to hear are true and have been silenced for over 50 years. The complete documentary will be screened in October during the Hispanic Heritage Month.